Parenting is hard! We’re not just raising children; we’re molding productive members of society who will be a part of the next generation of leaders in the world (but no pressure, right?). But it becomes much harder when we bring our low self-esteem, emotional baggage, and fears into the mix. We become so hard on ourselves and criticize out every action, more so than we would to anyone else. Then we try to overcompensate by putting ourselves last and giving the world to our families (which is the complete opposite of what we should be doing). We begin to lose who we truly are or never find ourselves in the first place.

We all are born completely innocent, self-loving, self-assured, and with a sense of who they are. But when parents put their issues from the world on their kids, they break them down, bit by bit, until they begin questioning everything and lose who they are. It’s not long before they repeat the same cycle and pass it down to their children. But guess what? We can change that! We can stop our losing who they are only to spend a majority of their lives searching for who they’re supposed to be (based on society’s standards).  But the work starts with us. We have to set the examples and teach our children self-love, give them the space to explore, learn from mistakes, and make decisions.

My goal with this blog is to help you see your value and understand the importance of taking care of yourself in order to give your best self to your family. I’ll be going through this journey with you, step by step, focusing on gratitude, self-love, and parenting. You’ll see how they all go hand-in-hand: when you recognize the things you’re grateful for, you begin to find peace within yourself; when you have peace, you begin to love yourself in a way you never have before; and when you love yourself, you are better equipped to parent in a more effective way.

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