I’m very impatient. Like, I don’t like to wait for ANYTHING. I’m the type of person who needs to see immediate results to stick with something. I don’t even want to wait .834 seconds for my phone to load. But my lack of patience has done nothing but hinder my life.

I know a lot of parents who impatiently wait for their children to grow up. They don’t get to enjoy the infant stages because they want their child to walk and talk. Once their child is independent they wish they had spent more time relishing in the beauty and innocence of infancy. But the time is going to come when our kids grow up, so what’s the hurry?

The first time I was really forced to wait was when I was pregnant. There were no loopholes I could use to speed up the 9-10 month growth process and no pill I could take to make my daughter’s lungs, limbs, and organs develop quicker. I had to put my impatience aside and WAIT. It felt like forever. I took pictures to see her growth and checked every app I had for new information on her development just to see some sort of progress in her development.

But the result of this wait was the most amazing, perfect gift. Once I saw her I knew that I could be patient for something else if it could turn out even half as amazing as she was (and still is).

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to life pros like Lisa Nichols. I was trying to find the magic answer to get where I want to be in life. You know, that one piece of information that we think will catapult us into our dreams. I watched YouTube videos and live streams, listened to audiobooks, and purchased products, all in a search for that one thing that will push me further than where I am with immediate results.

I kept coming across the same theme over and over—they had to go through a challenge and wait to get to where they are. It could have taken them 30 years, but they made it after their wait. And in their wait is where all of the magic happened, the things that make them the influencers they are today. Time is always on our side; we just have to learn how to leverage it.


So what do you do while you wait for that new house, new car, the big break in your industry, financial freedom, weight loss, hair growth, or whatever it is you’re impatient with? You use that time to your advantage! A lot of people get discouraged in the process because they aren’t doing the right things. Here is a list of ideas you can use while you wait to stay motivated and kick butt on your way to accomplishing your goals:

MEDITATE: Spend time focusing internally, giving yourself a chance to recharge to see things with a new perspective. You can download an app with guided meditation like Calm (that’s my favorite).

WRITE + JOURNAL: Spend time getting your thoughts out. Whether you need to vent or you want to express your gratitude, get it all out either on paper or digitally. Use your free Gratitude Journal sheets to write down what you’re grateful for too.

REFLECT: Go through your free Gratitude sheets to look back on the positive moments throughout each day. Do you see an improvement in yourself from when you started? Reflect on the small changes you’ve made in your life.

LEARN: Take a course on something you’ve always wanted to learn. I love Udemy for free and paid courses to boost a skill I already have or learn something entirely new. Learning can keep you from getting bored or feeling stagnant (which is something I feel when I’m not doing multiple things at once).

ENJOY THE PRESENT: Be grateful for where you are at this current moment. Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t think about the mistakes of yesterday. Where are you right now? What can you be grateful for in the right now?

SAY YES: Don’t say no to every opportunity that comes your way. Put yourself in some uncomfortable situations once in a while to boost your confidence and experience something new.

TREAT YOURSELF: Celebrate your accomplishments and milestones. You don’t have to wait until you’ve completely achieved your goal to celebrate yourself. If you’ve lost 10 lbs, get a pedicure. If you want to save $5,000, celebrate when you’ve saved your first $1,000. Don’t overlook progress because something is better than nothing.

FOCUS ON ATTRACTING POSITIVITY: Speak good things over your life. If you find yourself complaining everyday say, Today is going to be great! instead of saying I hope today is better than yesterday. When you stick with this positive mindset, you’ll start to see your life change for the better,

VISUALIZATION: Spend time seeing yourself where you want to be.  Where are you, what outfit are you wearing, how does your bank account look, what are your children doing, what schools are they in? Be as specific and descriptive as possible.

PUT IT INTO PRACTICE: Keep pushing yourself. Instead of just soaking up information, start using it. Get outside of your comfort zone to do something you’ve never done before. Even something as seemingly small as being consistent with teaching your child something new allows you to put your knowledge to practice toward your goal for them.


Not seeing results right away can be tough. We want to rush the process and make transformations in an instant, but honestly, anything worthwhile requires patience and takes time. The process that we go through to have our transformation is a beautiful lesson in itself, just like having a baby.

So I’ve committed to sticking with a few things I’ve recently started that I’ve given up on before: joining Weight Watchers, working out daily, saving for a home, and journaling. Even if I don’t see results right away and I get discouraged, I’ve promised myself to quickly shift my mindset to be positive, knowing that the day will come when everything is in place the way God wants it to be. Until then, I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing, making small tweaks here and there, but never giving up.

Always remember: God has you exactly where you need to be in this exact moment. He makes no mistakes.

What are you waiting on? What do you do to stay motivated to keep going even when you don’t see progress?

13 Replies to “The Waiting Game: 10 Things You Can Do While You Wait for What You Want”

  1. One day when I grow up, I’m going to be an excellent blogger like you! 🙂 You inspire me. Keep up the good work. I’m so proud of you!

  2. I needed this post this week! I am impatiently waiting for my blog to get more page views, get more followers, make ANY money but I keep working at it. If I consistently put my best work on there and am sincere in everything I do, the success will come. It has to, right? 🙂 Until then, I’ll try to enjoy the present, visualize success and keep learning all I can to give myself the best chance.

  3. Love this article! My husband and I are at a point in our lives where we are doing a lot of waiting for the next phase for us to start. I hate waiting lol. #wanderingwednesdays

    1. My husband and I are doing the same and it’s so hard! Just remember that the lessons you learn during the journeys I your destination will be so beneficial for your growth. Good luck to you two!

  4. I’m also impatient when it comes to my own progress. Gratitude & being positive really helps make the smaller things seem bigger. It also helps me to break tasks down to even smaller tasks, that way as I make progress I feel like I’ve achieved something or crossed something off my list.

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