Self-care is the practice of, well, caring for yourself. It’s doing something that makes you happy, rejuvenates you, and is done out of sheer joy. But even though you’re doing it for yourself, self-care is a very selfless act. When you take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of others and set a healthy example of self-love for your kids. You can’t give more than you have, but because you’re so used to doing so much for others, it’s hard to find time in your already-packed schedule for anything extra. Just like you make time for additional activities for your kids, you can find a few minutes (or a couple of hours if you’re lucky) for yourself.

Taking time for yourself doesn’t have to be an all-day thing (although, who wouldn’t want that, am I right?), nor does it have to be expensive.  Whatever it is, set aside some time in your week or in each day to refresh your mind, relax, and only focus on you. It could be something as small as smiling at yourself in the mirror or as big as planning a week long cruise for one. Below are 35 ideas you can use to show yourself some love each day. Pick a day of the week (my day is Sunday) or an hour in each day. Let your family know not to bother you during that time. This should be a stress-free activity all about you!

How are you going to make time to show yourself some love?

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  1. You are so right about self care being selfless. Thanks for the ideas. Numbers 25 & 27 are my faves. Number 26 is a cool idea. Thank you for sharing!

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